Triple Play

Issued: U.S. produced
Play Time: 00:14:43
Video: MP4 768×576
File Size: 140 MB

After Marlene eats her fill of Connie’s juicy pussy, she gets hungry for something else: their friend Bill’s ten-inch cock! They try every 3-way position in the book until Bill gives both girls a hot mouthful!
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Tit-A-Lay-Ting Lady

Issued: Golden Girls (U.S.A.)
Play Time: 00:07:44
Video: MP4 640×480
File Size: 109 MB

If long dark hair, a firm little ass and big tits are your cup of tea, then Linda’s your lady. She definitely knows how to use all her assets to the fullest!
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Pretty Pussy

Issued: Collector’s Showcase (U.S.A.)
Play Time: 00:11:19
Video: MP4 720×480
File Size: 100 MB

Sindee-is a beautiful blonde, 18 years old who’s built for loving, and she shows her wanton desires for Connie as she can’t keep her eyes, hands or tongue off of Connies huge breasts.
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