Morning Threesome

Issued: Dirty Movies (USA)
Play Time: 00:21:43
Video: MP4 640×480
File Size: 185 MB

Sheila comes over to Ann’s house for a cup of coffee and to complain about her sex life. Ann suggests Sheila try oral sex for quick orgasms and demonstrates by licking her clit. When Ann’s husband comes home, they dive for his cock.
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Two Holes

Issued: Dirty Movies (USA)
Play Time: 00:05:44
Video: 480×360 No audio
File Size: 50 MB

A red hot hooker solicits two men on the highway and takes them to a motel room. She gives them their money’s worth and tucks and sucks both men until one cums on her tits and the other shoots it up her ass, simultaneously! Good double-cum shot.
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