Superstar Lesbos (1980s) VHSRip

Issued: Cover GirL (USA)
Play Time: 00:06:39
Video: 640×480
File Size: 104 MB

Two lovely lesbians are affectionatety fondling each other, Ms. Bronze pleads with Ms. Licorice for a look and feel of her big beautiful tits. The girts get so fucking hot that they almost rape each other with mouth and fingers. Their tits are mashed and their cunts are raw when both broads get their rocks off!
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Hot Tits (1980s) VHSRip

Issued: Cover Girl (USA)
Play Time: 00:07:36
Video: MP4 768×576
File Size: 154 MB

When Frank gets Helga’s sweater off, he finds a pair of huge firm tits. Frank starts licking, squeezing, and fucking them until he can’t take it no more. He then lays her back and rams his cock home. When the two of them finally come Frank shoots all over her belly and tits.
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