Big Black Machine

Issued: Limited Edition (U.S.A.)
Play Time: 00:09:52
Video: MP4 320×240
File Size: 75 MB

The redhead sucks his cock and cradles the big black machine between her large breasts until the man’s ready to blow his wad and she triggers the climax with sucking lips!
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3-Way Suck (1980s) VHSRip

Issued: Limited Edition (USA)
Play Time: 00:05:40
Video: MP4 544×416
File Size: 50 MB

Angel and Tara have a live one in handsome hung Mexican, Ken. Ken doesn’t know where to turn first and sucks Angers big tits, her cunt, Tara’s cunt, and so on. Meanwhile the girls are after his thick prick, so he rams Angel with it while Tara strokes his balls.
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Young Fuck (1970s) VHSRip

Issued: Limited Edition (USA)
Play Time: 00:05:04
Video: MP4 640×480
File Size: 50 MB

Don’s got a youngie on his hands so he gives it to her gently at first. He kisses her little tits and finger fucks her until she wants his cock. He shoves it into her face and she sucks it while she jiggles her clot. Then he fucks her hard in ass and cunt.
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