Intimate Intrusion

Issued: Roger Rimbaud (USA)
Play Time: 00:07:03
Video: AVI 544×416
File Size: 136 MB

Claire needs certain stimulations to get turned on. John starts playing with her tilt and ass with a couple of high powered toys. Claire starts quivering with excitement and really gets on John and his massive cock. John gets so hot that he can’t hold back any longer and shoots a massive wad all over Claire’s mouth and face. Claire wants more so she continues to give him head.
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Lezz Tricks

Issued: Roger Rimbaud (USA)
Play Time: 00:07:05
Video: AVI 512×384
File Size: 164 MB

Rosalie is reading a magazine but Janet has other ideas. She starts it off with a big french kiss and soon Rosalie is as hot as Janet. They grope each other’s bodies with hungry hands, then one pulls out a vibrator and they both come.
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