Girl-Scout Seduction

Issued: Color Climax (Denmark)
Play Time: 00:06:32
Video: AVI 640×480
File Size: 200 MB

Two girl guides are selling raffle tickets. One gent explains that he has no money with him, but if the girls would care to follow him to his nearby home, he would gladly buy some.

On arrival he notices just how attractive the girls are so invites them in for a drink. While he be-gins to prepare the highballs, the girls take the opportunity of glancing at some porno magazines and grinning at the size of one of the actors’ organs.

“That’s me”, the host boasts. Tipsy with the booze, that they have been fed, they dare him to prove it. He unzips! “Gosh, it is his!” He then proceeds to give the willing girls a lesson in sex!

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