Rustler 186

Year: 1980s
Format: PDF
Category: Erotica, Classic
Country: United Kingdom
Pages: 62
File Size: 101 MB

A Lot of dis-cunt-ented Rustiertans wept when they thought they’d seen the fast of little, Marseille-born, 20 year old minx Solange, in talent-stretching, red-stockinged pics for Rustier. Bul no more, because she’s back on the job (with her equally petite bosom chum Steph) tn the current issue of goed oid funky fortnightly ‘Parade’ Magazine this monih. So keep this Cut-Out to see exactly what Solange gets up to (and down to) with her best friend, when they strut their sticky stuff in Parade, on sale (with a bit of luck, if it’s not sold out already) siongeide must-see Rustier

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